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Rigid Construction

  • The FAMV 95 S rigid v bank mini pleat air filter is extremely durable.
  • Design construction assures optimum performance in turbulent and variable air flow
  • Aerodynamic and lightweight execution, for easy handling and transport contains no me-
  • Incorporates patented clip-on feature allowing to attach a pre-filter on the front frame, without increasing pressure drop through blinding by the pre-filter.

Synthetic Filter Medium

  • Pleated medium-pack is built from progressively structured depth loading melt blown.
    synthetic microfiber, stiffened to eliminate glue separators from maximum usable media area.
  • Resistant to physical damage from moisture and chemicals and free from any binders.
  • Does not retain moisture or support micro-.
  • Media-pack pleats stay rigid in moisture laden variable air volumes and provide extremely low pressure drops at high efficiency.

Unique Design

  • Durable, light weight, aerodynamic, totally incinerable, fitting in all standard VAV and HVAC installations.
  • Meets all stringent requirements for clean air quality and energy efficiency standards.
  • Free of all halogens, metals, glass fibers and is silicon-free.