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Unique Design

FAP pockets are constructed of rigid synthetic media, high-frequency welded into an aerodynamically tapered pocket design, to provide high burst strength and avoid contaminant bypass. Pockets have built-in diamond-shaped separators to ensure continued receptive open pockets even when airflow is low or turned off. Short pockets have these aerodynamic separators built in as well. Long, medium and short pockets are made to fit 6 or 8 pocket configurations in a standard frame, usually 24″x24″ / 595×595 mm. Pockets are available in 40-95 % efficiency grades and in three (L, M, S) depth measurements.


FAP rigid pockets are constructed to stay extended and not collapse at air flow shut down, supporting the dust cake formed inside the filter media at all times, even when the airstream is turned off intermittently. Optionally available in meltblown media pockets, that however do collapse when the airstream is turned off. The material of both is of sturdy, unbreakable synthetic polyester or of polypropylene meltblown construction, and pocket seams have broad thermal or strong ultrasonic welded seams to ensure form stability, even under moist and turbulent conditions.


Design and construction ensure lowest possible pressure drop, significant energy savings, high dust loading capability and exceptional filter life span, thus greatly reducing operating cost. Elimination of sewed seams results in superior burst strength performance of up to 6000 Pa, or 12″ WG, and prevents any contamination bypass.