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FirstAir diffusion ceiling media are designed for the final filtration of supply air to downdraft paint spray booths and to arrest all paint damaging particles larger than 5 microns in size. They are also known as spray paint booth filters and paint booth exhaust filters.  While eliminating those particles from the air stream, these blanket media create a very uniform and downward air distribution throughout the spray cabin chamber, preventing air turbulences that could carry particles to the painted car body. FirstAir downdraft ceiling media are expertly suited for use in auto re-finishing or for spray plants of OEM auto assemblers.


  • Overspray paint particle retention medium for use in, paint plants, spray walls, and automotive down draft paint spray booth floors.
  • Avoids release of paint overspray into the environment and protects equipment from paint overspray contamination.


  • Sharp elastic mono filament glass fiber strands built into a matrix with progressive density, having an open structure on the inlet air face and a firm laminate backing on the air exit side, assures in-depth paint particle loading and arrestance.

Special Features

  • High compressive strength of the glass fiber matting ensures stability and rigidity in the air stream, even when highly loaded with paint.
  • Will not sag under normal operating conditions which would cause unfiltered air bypass.