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The TopAir plastic component standard pocket filter frame (22 mm or 7/8″ frame thickness) fits any HVAC system and can be easily assembled without major equipment. The components are polypropylene-based plastics of a rigid, nonflexible construction.

No assembly machines, hydraulics or compressors are required. A few hand tools and a simple table with pre-fixed standard clamps (available from FirstAir at nominal cost) are all that is needed.

TopAir frame system components come in standard pre-cut packs and are exclusively available with FirstAir welded media single pockets for easy local on-site assembly anywhere in the world.

TopAir pocket filter frames (22 mm or 7/8″ frame thickness) accommodate both rigid thick-media stiff pockets and melt blown soft and thin pockets. TopAir pocket filter frames, components and assembly table are designed to fit standard 595×595 mm / 24×24″ filter frames in 6 or 8 pocket configurations. Other dimensions and numbers of pockets are available when volumes warrant.

TopAir Pocket Frame System


Assembly is easy when using a simple 595×595 mm / 24×24 assembly table with pre-fixed standard clamps to hold pockets in place. The clamps facilitate assembly by a single person.

The assembly table is designed and supplied by FirstAir.


Only small commercially available tools and clamps are needed to assemble a complete pocket frame system using FirstAir single pockets.

Labor requirement

  • No training or special skills are required to assemble a TopAir frame with FirstAir single pockets.
  • No physical force, compressed air or hydraulics are needed.
  • A single person, after being shown a short YouTube video, can complete the assembly of six to ten complete pocket filter units per hour on a FirstAir assembly table.